No Nat, No!

It’s finally here!! Click the image to view the very first issue of Flower Crown Magazine!
Interviews with petitsirena and shedoeshimfashion!
"I Will Fight You About Blue Ivy" by Shanice Brim (likethebrimofahat)
"Too Dark in the Summertime?" by Danielle Mertina (daniellemertina) with images by Ellen Havasy (safetytank)
A Street Harassment 101 by Michelle Emile (michinknows) with images by Leslie Boroczk (lb-lb-lb)
"Sexism, Double Standards, and Street Harassment: Why Hello isn’t just Hello." by Elizabeth Dunn (deepcotton57821) with an image by Emma Ra (emmatleena)
A Photographic tour of NYC by Meryl Castro 
Artwork by Kaylee Dolloff (condemnasian)
And more! Plus, it’s it’s all free! Come check it out.

Some real cool folks put together a magazine!! I will have some of my photography featured on the site and I hope to become a regular contributor.  If you’re into intersectional feminism, check this out!!


Perfect example of how patriarchy uses racism and classism to prevent solidarity and create division between women.

"to prevent solidarity and create division between women." Can not stress enough.

I probably only think this is funny because it’s after three am but it is also distracting me from being hellishly introspective so I also don’t care.

luv it when I can’t sleep

Ahhhh I just ordered Virgie Tovar’s “Hot & Heavy: Fierce Fat Girls on Life, Love and Fashion” I’m so excited to read it!!



As you can tell, we are very serious about art.

I really need Hank Hill’s face as melting pizza tho…